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CJT_8442cAlthough I started taking pictures in 2002 (the film days), work, children and life asked me to put my Nikon down in exchange for cell phone pictures for more years than I care to admit. I picked my camera back up in 2014, when the Army asked us to move to South Korea. I wanted to photograph a particularly near and dear family that I knew we may never see again. Since then, I’ve taken my camera with me nearly everywhere, upgraded equipment and have been on a steep photographic learning curve.

I’ve learned that many computer photo processing techniques have cropped up since “the good ‘ole days” and that camera capabilities have vastly improved. While I decided to upgrade my equipment, I have made the decision not to indulge in the technologically advanced arenas that falsely alter an original image, including HDR (layering multiple images when one exposure would render portions of an image over or under exposed). Instead, I hope that time and experience will help me learn to capture an image at the right time and in the right place so that these techniques are not necessary.

Likewise, I do not use various filters and post-processing add-ons in my portraiture. With the exception of small changes that could have been done in a dark room years ago, such as a little added contrast or vibrance, what you see in my images is what was taken on that particular day.

Here’s to honoring the original meaning of “photography!”


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