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Suwon Fortress at Night: South Korea

I went on an awesome 40th birthday photo walk to the Suwon Fortress last weekend. With the limited time we had, these are the photos I was able to capture. We arrived with minutes to spare before the lights went out on the wall (last photo). I was only able to take two photos at this location. If I had had more time, I probably would have tried a different composition. Oh well! I’m glad I at least got what I did!

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Suwon Fortress with the Korea Observer

Went on a blogger/photographer tour of the Suwon Fortress yesterday. Although I’d been before, I really enjoyed the inside details that this tour gave. And, even though I had to leave the tour early, I still had an opportunity to snap a few photos. Thanks so much to kbloggers, Korea Heritage, The Korea Observer and the ladies of Hama Hama for the opportunity!