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I Don’t Have Much, But I Do Have…

The monsoon season is just upon us here in Tucson, AZ, bringing with it awesome clouds and fresh, sweet-smelling air.

…a place to sit and watch the sunset.

a place to sit and watch the sunset (my backyard)

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Yongdo Beach, South Korea

Located within South Korea’s Taeanhaean National Park you can find many spectacular beaches. This past weekend my family and I visited one of them: Yongdo Beach.

Despite the heavy rainfall on our drive out, I remained undaunted, desperate to put my feet in the salty, refreshing water of the ocean. It’s been hot here on the peninsula. To our delight, by the time we arrived the rain had stopped and the clouds had thinned, although not so much that the sun and its harsh rays could poke through them. We hunted for seashells, attempted to dig to China, made a sandcastle, ran with the dog, and swam in the cool water until the last rays of the sun had vanished from the sky.

The momma in me stashed the cell phone away, removing myself from the world so that I could focus on those I love most in this world, but when the light began to dim and the fading sun made the remaining clouds in the sky look as though they were on fire, the photographer in me snatched up my tripod and camera and ran for the location on the beach I’d scoped out hours ago, for when this moment arrived.

I don’t think I’ve ever walked away from a place with so many pictures that I really like. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!