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Seoraksan National Park and Sokcho

Last weekend my family and I spent 3 nights and 4 days camping in Seoraksan National Park. It rained for the first portion of our trip, creating amazing fog and low-lying clouds in the forest. It was a truly spectacular sight! Some of the leaves were beginning to change their colors, revealing the bright oranges and reds that signify the coming of fall, but the season had just begun, and so in many areas the colors had not yet changed. I felt that, in these spots of the park, it would be better to illustrate the majesty of the landscape in black and white.

Stopping to see Singeung-sa Temple was a must, simply because, according to Dr. Jon Carter Covell, oriental art authority, it is the oldest Zen temple in the world. The temple was originally built in 652 AD and then rebuilt in 710 and 1648 due to fires.

While in the area, we made a point to visit Sokcho, a gorgeous fishing town on the northeastern coast of South Korea. It lies so close to the forest that you can see it in the background of the coastal pictures below. The rain taunted even the last days of our trip, but in making lemonade out of lemons, we were blessed to witness rays of sun poke through threatening storm clouds unlike any I’ve seen before. I had a really difficult time picking which of the many photos I took of this scene to post for you all! I should also mention that through the break in the clouds the fresh sky became an amazing turquoise blue, highlighting the already unbelievably blue East Sea water! If you get a chance to see Sokcho, pay a visit to its two famous lighthouses: the Lighthouse Observatory and a little pink lighthouse just off the main pier. The people here are super friendly, but then again, you’d be hard pressed to find a Korean anywhere on the peninsula who wasn’t friendly, selling a dizzying array of seafood. Do not leave Sokcho without trying the squid, as it is said that the creature is best served in this coastal fishing town. My daughter ordered hers stuffed and loved it! As always, our puppy went along for they journey. You’ll find a picture of her in here as well!