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Suwon Fortress at Night: South Korea

I went on an awesome 40th birthday photo walk to the Suwon Fortress last weekend. With the limited time we had, these are the photos I was able to capture. We arrived with minutes to spare before the lights went out on the wall (last photo). I was only able to take two photos at this location. If I had had more time, I probably would have tried a different composition. Oh well! I’m glad I at least got what I did!

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Pyeongchang: Site of the 2018 Winter Olympics

My family and I took a trip to Pyeongchang, South Korea this weekend for a bit of sightseeing and skiing. I had hoped to see the world renown Harbin Festival ice sculptures, but alas, they had partially melted by the time we arrived. You would have never guessed that it was warm a few days before our arrival though, because while we were there we experienced blizzard conditions as you’ll see in the below photographs. Despite the weather, we really enjoyed our trip, having stayed at a traditional Korean hostel and skied the entire second day. What an adventure!

Within Walking Distance

Taking this photo was no easy task. First of all, it was SO cold out. Second, if you’ve ever walked the streets of a Korean neighborhood you’ll know that the chained dogs are a fixture of nearly every home. Standing here in the middle of the night to capture this image meant waking every dog within earshot. I watched my breath in the frozen air and listened to the different barks hoping no one would come out of their home to see what was going on. #longest30secondexposureever (but worth it!)CJT_9260c

Yongmasan Mountain, South Korea

I went on a photo walk with a local group of photographers to Yongmasan Mountain last weekend. Despite keeping our fingers crossed on the way up this steep climb, the Korean haze never did clear. I made the most of view by highlighting in these photographs what a typical day under Korean (actually, probably blowing over from China) haze looks like. Even through smog one can witness the glory of God and the amazing talent He bestowed on man to create metropolises as great as Seoul! What a trip!

Tong Bok Market at Night

A haven for fresh fish, meat of any other kind, fruits and vegetables, this place is usually hustling and bustling with people day in and day out. Two nights ago around 9:30, however, the place was nearly empty, save for the few people who hadn’t yet closed up shop and a stray cat or three. In my experience, only in Korea can a vendor area like this be left open all night long with nothing but tarps covering goods that will be sold the following day. There seems to be no risk of theft or vandalism in this country. While walking along the empty aisles I came across this woman, who looks to me as though she’s had a long day and is sitting down for a breather. In this line of work, I imagine I would too.CJT_0050cAlthough there are numerous alleyways to enter and exit the market, up at the front entrance this lady remained steadfast at her post. She was one of the few people still open for business at this hour, probably because of the prime location of her stand.CJT_0073cHere is a photo of the busy street just outside of the main entrance to the market. As you can see, this is not a quiet, small-town location. For belongings and goods to remain safe throughout the night in a location like this is beyond my American reasoning. As a last thought, it seems to me, no matter where I go in South Korea, I can always look up and find a red cross, just like the one in the above picture.