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Ulleungdo, Korea’s Island Paradise

Dare I say a stay on this island is better than Jeju? I’ve been to both now, and while Jeju is unbelievably gorgeous, Ulleungdo will make you feel like you are a thousand miles away from the hustle of the “real world.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.25.13 AM
The stars on the map annotate places I’ve been.

The island is about 217 kilometers from the ferry port in Pohang (one of the terminals that services trips to Ulleungdo) and is located in the East Sea between Korea and Japan. From Pohang, expect a three-hour ferry ride out at 9:50am. This is the only departure time. Returns to Pohang are at 3:30pm daily.

We spent two nights and two days on Ulleungdo, just barely enough time to do everything we wanted to do. I suggest at least another day on the island if you can swing it. There is one road that goes almost all the way around tDSC_2951che island. It takes 1.5 hours to make it to the end of the road, but not because the island is large. The road is small and meanders through scenic scapes that even a man who likes to get from point A to point B will want to stop and soak in. Multiple one lane tunnels wind themselves through the volcanic rock; you’ll have to wait your turn to go through if traffic is coming from the opposite direction. But no worries, you’re on island time here. Continue reading Ulleungdo, Korea’s Island Paradise

Photo a Day Challenge: Day 31

#31. Someone old. (Two days ago tried to take a photo of this lady at Asan’s Onyangoncheon Market but the image just didn’t turn out very well. I went back today, spotted her and I’m much happier with this image!)CJT_6300cI’m about two months overdue, but I actually finished this challenge! Hey, better late than never!

See Photo A Day Challenge #1 for a list of what to look forward to tomorrow!

Photo a Day Challenge: Day 29

#29. Fur or feathers. (This blind cat paced in tight circles worse than any caged animal I’ve ever seen at a zoo. Each time my shutter released he would pause for a second in my direction, trying to figure out what the noise was. I could tell he was well taken care of despite his troubles. About 30 minutes after this picture was taken another cat was at his side and this blind cat had stopped pacing. It was like the other cat gave this one great comfort.)CJT_5635c

See Photo A Day Challenge #1 for a list of what to look forward to tomorrow!

Photo a Day Challenge: Day 26

#26. Can’t do without. (Night photography! Like probably most photographers just starting out, I’ve been photographing just about anything rather than honing in one particular type of photography. Over the last year or so I’ve gravitated more and more towards night and street photography and am loving it!)CJT_5143c

See Photo A Day Challenge #1 for a list of what to look forward to tomorrow!

The Nikon D750

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the D750. This shot was taken in super poor lighting conditions, and given my subject, I had to have my shutter speed up in order to freeze his movement. As most of you know, given these conditions, one must up the ISO to compensate. For this photo, my ISO was at 3200, and f3.5 at 1/200s.

Ten years or so ago I bought the D100, which was at that time, a darn good professional camera, but usually an ISO higher than 1000 rendered grainy images. Such was the technology of the day. I finally upgraded last year to the newly released D750 for many reasons, one being the capability to capture photos with little to no grain at high ISO settings (I can even get great photos at ISO 10000!). CJT_3726c

In a Small Korean Neighborhood

My favorite photos from a walk through a neighborhood this week. A farmer burning the dried brush that has built up in his greenhouse. No doubt he is prepping for the upcoming growing season. And, yet again, my heart weeps for these chained and caged dogs.