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Photo a Day Challenge: Day 26

#26. Can’t do without. (Night photography! Like probably most photographers just starting out, I’ve been photographing just about anything rather than honing in one particular type of photography. Over the last year or so I’ve gravitated more and more towards night and street photography and am loving it!)CJT_5143c

See Photo A Day Challenge #1 for a list of what to look forward to tomorrow!

Suwon Fortress at Night: South Korea

I went on an awesome 40th birthday photo walk to the Suwon Fortress last weekend. With the limited time we had, these are the photos I was able to capture. We arrived with minutes to spare before the lights went out on the wall (last photo). I was only able to take two photos at this location. If I had had more time, I probably would have tried a different composition. Oh well! I’m glad I at least got what I did!

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Within Walking Distance

Taking this photo was no easy task. First of all, it was SO cold out. Second, if you’ve ever walked the streets of a Korean neighborhood you’ll know that the chained dogs are a fixture of nearly every home. Standing here in the middle of the night to capture this image meant waking every dog within earshot. I watched my breath in the frozen air and listened to the different barks hoping no one would come out of their home to see what was going on. #longest30secondexposureever (but worth it!)CJT_9260c