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Daegwallyeong Baby Animal Farm, Pyeonchang

If you’d like to spend the day with your kids holding baby animals of all kinds, you ought to visit the Daegwallyeong Baby Animal Farm in Pyeonchang, South Korea. No place like this exists (that I know of) in America. Unlike public farms in America, at Daegwallyeong you are free to hold any baby animal you’d like for as long as you like without supervision (not necessarily a good thing with itty-bitty kids running around, but for my older kids, a thrilling experience). Rather than watching your every move, caretakers here move about restocking the hay troughs and scooping up poop.DSC_0005c The baby pigs squeal when anyone tries to pick them up, but there were a few brave souls who did anyway. Momma pig was just around the corner. I can’t believe how fat, and, sorry but I must say it, ugly these cute little guys get! Continue reading Daegwallyeong Baby Animal Farm, Pyeonchang

Photo a Day Challenge: Day 29

#29. Fur or feathers. (This blind cat paced in tight circles worse than any caged animal I’ve ever seen at a zoo. Each time my shutter released he would pause for a second in my direction, trying to figure out what the noise was. I could tell he was well taken care of despite his troubles. About 30 minutes after this picture was taken another cat was at his side and this blind cat had stopped pacing. It was like the other cat gave this one great comfort.)CJT_5635c

See Photo A Day Challenge #1 for a list of what to look forward to tomorrow!