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Camp Humphreys Photo Club Article

The Camp Humphreys Photo Club was highlighted in the most recent edition of the Pyeontaek Culture Magazine. I’m so excited to say that I am in the article, as well as one of my images (lanterns on the last page, taken at the Lantern Festival this spring in Seoul). Super cool!

Suwon Fortress with the Korea Observer

Went on a blogger/photographer tour of the Suwon Fortress yesterday. Although I’d been before, I really enjoyed the inside details that this tour gave. And, even though I had to leave the tour early, I still had an opportunity to snap a few photos. Thanks so much to kbloggers, Korea Heritage, The Korea Observer and the ladies of Hama Hama for the opportunity!


Gary Sinise and the LT Dan Band

Gary Sinise and the LT Dan Band came to Camp Humphreys, South Korea this past weekend to entertain the troops and their families. They were SO GOOD! Check out the short clip below of the violinist rockin’ that instrument to Devil Went Down to Georgia! Wowzers is he good!


Everland, South Korea

The family and I went to Everland for the first time this week. Everland is a bit like 6 Flags back in the states, complete with a water-park and a zoo! It just happens to be their tulip festival right now, so if for nothing else, you must go just to see the beautiful blooms!

There is also a really neat “safari” ride, where you take a bus (ride in a SUV for an extra charge and spend more up close time than you ever thought possible) through the animal’s exhibit. It’s a quick ride, but I tell you, it’s a pretty amazing and thrilling experience! I’ve never been so close!

Something else the whole family enjoyed was the aviary where, for a dollar, you can feed the birds right out of your hand!

There’s a wide range a food available, including nostalgic American food, burgers and a KFC!

Everland is in Yongin and is only about an hour away from Camp Humphreys.

Silleuksa Temple, South Korea

Did a little temple admiring in Yeoju last weekend! The Buddhist temple, Silleuksa, overlooks the Han River which runs from Mt. Bongmi to the Yeo River. According to Visit Korea, Silleuksa was probably built by Monk Wonhyo during the reign of King Jinpyeong in the Silla Period.