Trying something new

Since teaching social sciences and photography at high school, I’ve lost the time and motivation to continue developing my photography skills. It’s been years really – with the exception of helping out yearbook, teaching my students how to handle a camera, or shooting the occasional senior portrait – since I’ve purposely picked up my camera for the pure joy of it. Then @timothyeyrichstreet, a guest judge for my photography class end-of-semester final, reignited my photo soul via a simple 10 minute conversation.

I realized that I’d been mentoring students, but hadn’t had someone mentor me for a long time. In those 10 minutes, Timothy Eyrich opened the wonderful and thrilling street photography door back up for me, one that had been all but shut for years. He also reminded me of some good advice I received years ago from Leanne Cole. Find your niche, develop it, and stick with it. She gave me this advice because my portfolio of work was all over the place in terms of style and genre. Still is….

Street and night photography is my favorite genre in this artistic world we call “painting with light.” I think I learned that when I lived in Korea, spending day after day walking neighborhood and city streets with another photographer who also happened to be my good friend.

So, here’s to developing my own personal and identifiable style, sticking to one specific genre, and actually getting good at it! Here is a look into my home life. We are old car junkies and big time gear heads. Expect website changes and updates!

2 thoughts on “Trying something new”

  1. Jerry smith here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on finding your style and committing to it. I turned 77 recently and I am still trying to find my real focus for my talents. I share my creative skills to help family and friends, which I love doing, but it does not allow me the freedom to create without meeting someone else’s expectations or aesthetic taste. I really enjoyed reading your comments.


    1. Agreed. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this very subject. It seems to me the thing we all do, regardless of what it is, is to attempt to please others for the sake of likes, money, attention, etc. There is obviously a place for that, especially if it’s your livelihood, but what freedom to be able to create according to your own heart or mood. Here’s to stepping out and being bold!


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