Daegwallyeong Baby Animal Farm, Pyeonchang

If you’d like to spend the day with your kids holding baby animals of all kinds, you ought to visit the Daegwallyeong Baby Animal Farm in Pyeonchang, South Korea. No place like this exists (that I know of) in America. Unlike public farms in America, at Daegwallyeong you are free to hold any baby animal you’d like for as long as you like without supervision (not necessarily a good thing with itty-bitty kids running around, but for my older kids, a thrilling experience). Rather than watching your every move, caretakers here move about restocking the hay troughs and scooping up poop.DSC_0005c The baby pigs squeal when anyone tries to pick them up, but there were a few brave souls who did anyway. Momma pig was just around the corner. I can’t believe how fat, and, sorry but I must say it, ugly these cute little guys get!There are horses in a stable that will eat as much hay as you’ll give them and ponies outside for the kiddos to ride. DSC_0088cThe contraption on this momma cow’s nose looks like something out of the 1500s!DSC_9531cMy kids really loved the baby guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, turtles, fish, sugar gliders and ducklings. There was even an incubator room where you can watch eggs hatching and hold tiny quail. DSC_9573cAnd then there are puppies. Eeeek! Puppies are SO CUTE!DSC_9613cDid I mention the baby hedgehogs?! Oh. My. Goodness! Who gets to hold baby hedgehogs?! We do! We do!DSC_9745c DSC_9768cDSC_9765cEven the squirrels were adorable.DSC_9786cWhat’s also pretty cool about this place is that it is located in Pyeonchang, which will be the site of the 2018 Winter Olympics. You can stop and take a picture with your kids in the sign so that in two years when they see Pyeonchang on TV they can say, “Hey, we’ve been there!”DSC_0195cAddress: 262-21 Hoenggye-ri, Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

NOTE: I do not recommend traveling on highway 50 to Daegwallyeong until after May 6th 2016 as construction is underway, narrowing the lanes to one in either direction. This will slow your travels by, literally, hours.

2 thoughts on “Daegwallyeong Baby Animal Farm, Pyeonchang”

    1. I’m sorry Windy, but I’m not sure how you would travel by train to Pyeonchang. I drove there. I do know though that if you are traveling from Seoul it will take you awhile to get there because Pyeonchang is on the west coast of Korea.


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