Girl’s Day!

This past Saturday my daughter presented me with a checklist of things she wanted to do with her twin sister and me; she wanted a girl’s day! CJT_3855Instantly my heart melted, and so I dropped what I was doing and promptly turned my attention to her checklist.

Time goes by so fast. One day my children will be grown and gone and it’ll just be me and my husband left in our home. Until that day happens, I try to make the most of the time I have with my children.

First on the list was bath time. I don’t usually hang out with my girls during their bath time. This is their time together. CJT_3485cSometimes their imaginations transform the bath tub into an ocean where mermaids frolic. Other times I can hear them brewing up skin-softening concoctions from shampoo and bubble bath. This time I brought them hot chocolate in their personal mugs and they sipped sweetness while I combed Wen through their hair.CJT_3517cCJT_3480cNext on the list was hair, makeup and nails. I tried to take photos of my girls posing with their nails painted up but Roxy photo bombed us. CJT_3547cCJT_3553cAll dolled up and donning our handmade aprons that Grandma made for us, we set about making chocolate chip cookies.CJT_3599c CJT_3610c CJT_3647c CJT_3679cWe needed something to pass the time while the cookies baked so turned on iTunes. That’s when the girls turned my kitchen into a dance floor. This happens often. CJT_3811cCJT_3815-2cThese girls can really get down. When I dance with them it’s all the exercise I need for the day!

CJT_3767cI was so happy to have spent a whole day with my girls. I could have busied myself with this or that, but these family times are what make memories for a lifetime. I thank God for the all the blessings in my life. To Him be the glory!

CJT_3835cNext up, a day with my boy!


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