Gosu Cave – South Korea

Our latest family adventure took us to Gosu Cave. This is one of Korea’s most famous caverns, located in Danyang (about 2.5 hours from Camp Humphreys). This cave is open year-round and has amazing limestone formations and clear underground pools! I’ve been to a number of caves, but this one just might be my favorite because it has a more “authentic” feel. By this I mean that unlike the overly protected and cautious caves in America, in Gosu you walk along steep corridors, can touch and feel everything and must crouch and squeeze to get through many of the twists and turns. This also made it super difficult to get quality photos because there was almost no areas for a tripod. For this reason, you’ll notice grain and a bit of blur in a few of the photos.

Included in these pictures is the adorable city of Danyang and its picturesque bridge. On the way home we drove through a bit of Woraksan National Park. What a gorgeous area! There are multiple camping grounds, creeks and rock formations that go for miles! We decided to be a bit adventurous and took our car on a dirt trail there (not recommended, by the way). Happy adventuring!

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