Hyeonchungsa Shrine, South Korea

Went on a photo walk at the Hyeonchungsa Shrine in Asan last weekend with the Camp Humphreys Photo Club. What a feast for the eyes! This place is incredible! I already have two photo shoots planned for this spectacular location! Here are a few photos from my “walk.” Smiling!

From Visit Korea:

Hyeonchungsa Shrine, located in Asan-si, is the shrine of General Lee Sun-Shin (1545-1598). It was built in 1706, and named Hyeonchungsa Shrine the following year. In 1932 during the Japanese occupation, a treasure preservation committee was formed to protect the shrine. Afterward, the shrine was rebuilt by the government, its area greatly enlarged, and was further developed into a sacred place.


2 thoughts on “Hyeonchungsa Shrine, South Korea”

  1. You took really nice photos of this temple. So you live near Asan or at Camp Humphreys? Either way, great to meet you!

    I didn’t realize there were so many Yi Sun Shin tributes throughout. I live in Yeosu, where there’s a huge statue of him overlooking the sea.


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