Kitty Cafe

I visited Kitty Cafe in Pyeongtaek for the first time yesterday. These pictures are for all the cat lovers out there! What fun!

For a small fee – I believe it was around $7.00 per adult and a few dollars per child – an adventure seeker or cat lover can mingle with MANY adorable cats whilst sipping a beverage of choice (think coffee, tea or smoothie). Plus, they offer a shelf full of games for you and your family to play with while enjoying your hot (or cold) brew. Oh, and if you’d like to feed the kitties, you can purchase dry or wet cat food, although you might lose a hand if you offer the wet stuff. Smiling!

You can find Kitty Cafe on the thumb finger, just outside AK Plaza (using your left hand). Note: under 8 not allowed, although they made an exception (not sure why) for my 6 year-old twins.







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